Wealth Management Process

We seek to preserve and grow your portfolio over time.This requires strategy and an implementation discipline. We believe that financial strategies are alive, fluid, and can fluctuate frequently. Our strategies are guided by our investment committee. This committee meets regularly to discuss holdings within each strategy, changes in the market, and world events. We believe managing assets with a “bucket” approach is effective and prudent. Therefore it is common to have multiple strategies working together to help pursue the overall goal of each client. We will use core holdings as well as tactical, and or sector driven strategies depending on your goals. We are independent advisors and are able to design your portfolio based on your goals and objectives. Remember, the growth of our company comes from the growth of our client family. 

One of the first steps in our process will be to review your current holdings and provide an asset allocation/sector review. Many who have become clients were surprised by what they really own in their portfolio. Contact us to get started.