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Information you provide in this survey will allow us to prepare an analysis of your current financial situation and to produce a realistic assessment of your financial condition going forward. In order to obtain an accurate analysis you should provide complete information about your assets, liabilities and financial goals. The analysis can only be as relevant as the data you provide. You will need accurate information or good estimates of the following facts:

  • Savings, stock, and mutual fund balances.
  • Life, disability & long-term care insurance coverage.
  • Retirement plan (457, 401K, IRA) balances and additions.
  • Pension Plan Benefits.
  • Income sources and current living expenses.
  • Income Tax information.
  • Value of your home, vehicles, rental real estate and/or others assets.

This survey usually takes 15-20 minutes. Please note that, for security reasons, this survey must be completed in one session. Please have all your information ready to enter before you begin.


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